The main obstacles on spiritual way of development

We are very individual by nature.  So, various difficulties are going to wait for us on the way of spiritual improvement. Holding you back on your path is their only purpose. Let’s consider the typical obstacles which are hard to avoid.

Taking the first practical steps. Many people stop here as there are no specific changes. But it’s not always that way. Perhaps you have the progress in the beginning and even a good one, just a matter of time. But the internal programs are not released, so it might suppress your development. And here we face another block – the lack of interest to the practice.

You’ve expected the breakthrough, the deeper perception you wanted to awake quickly. After a long expectation, only the boredom comes instead. Any interest in the practice disappears. The mind will resist more and more, offering the most logical arguments to stop the practice as it is boring and monotonous. Your attention will be looking for something more amusing. You will not notice how fast you will be distracted by daily routine. Ruthless working days will plunge you deep into the space of the narrow mind.

Do not listen. If your mind offers or tells you anything – do not listen. Continue to practice further regularly and be sure that patience and practice will bear the fruit. It’ll open the new, deeper stages of your development and release your demons. However, sometimes it is very painful.

The pain. You often face the pain during transformation, both external and internal. Energy begins to circulate in the body, facing various barriers, blocks, closing its streams and revealing violations of normal processes of the organism. It is painful. The bigger the block is, the worse you feel. Enduring physical pain is much easier than emotional. This is the next level. You feel anger, annoyance, depression, and loneliness.  All shades of gray gradually color the world. You don’t want to live. Why should you practice if it brings so much suffering? Don’t give up.

The practice leads you through pain, instead of attempts to avoid it, teaches to look at the emotions and situation from the other side. It helps us to live naturally as a Soul. You shouldn’t forget that you are more than feelings, emotions, thoughts and a body! So we gradually separate these emotions, transforming them into net energy.  Tension leaves, and it gives great pleasure and joy. This is one more obstacle on your way, which is difficult to resist.

It is not surprising. The love that nourishes the world, streams of living energy, contemplation and touching – all these things bear the absolute pleasure.

Sometimes pleasure can be difficult to resist. You might twist it up with awakening and get stuck. Do not get trapped by the next trick of the mind.

Pleasures, sufferings, grief continuously spin the wheel of Samsara. Pleasures seduce you to prevent your development.

Stay sober, continue to observe and expect to have something much better – your experience of awakening. You are going to see this world saturated with peace, love, and happiness again. You will realize you are a part of it.

Your awakening is not a permanent state be ready for this. When you regain your inner peace, your selfishness will try to appropriate this experience. You will be proud of it, cherish and attached to it.

You are lucky if the teacher is near, he will not allow you to sleep. The awakening itself is not essential when you can let this experience go, put it on a distant shelf of your trophies. Then you realize you already have the most valuable experience here and now. And from now your real life will start.