Meet The Team

Grow, Evolve, Support

We are the World of Awakening team. Each of us is dedicated to the spiritual path and helping others take meaningful steps towards their own path.

Olga Sokol has 5 years experience of conducting retreats and meditation workshops. Her biggest wish is to awaken every person she meets on her path.
Nikita had an awakened experience that completely changed his life. On the search for answers, he started his spiritual path 3 years ago. Now, his purpose is to help others understand themselves better, get awakened and find their path to get out of all illusions.
Awakened instructor; has 4 years experience in conducting retreats, meditation courses, and webinars. Seeing how her students discover meaning, get aspiration to live fully and become truly happy is her biggest treasure.
Started his path in 2012 with the practice of Osho meditation, Reiki and Deep Contact. Since then he combined a meditative and conscious lifestyle with professional success as a cyber security expert. Nowadays he is fully committed to the path of awakening and helping others awaken deeper.
As Human Development Practices Instructor she has 15 years of experience in different practices of various traditions. It brings her deep joy to share her knowledge and seeing how other people's lives change for the better
Alexandra's spiritual journey started in the year 2018, after an awakening experience, which cardinally changed her life. Since then her main goal is to learn how people can reach this state and to be able to conduct this knowledge to those who really need it.
In her search for a teacher who could show her the way to inner freedom, she met Givin School in 2020. By managing the World of Awakening community, her dream is to build a strong community and help others feel the same connection with life.
My spiritual journey started after experiencing an Awakening that completely turned my life around. The search for a deeper connection has brought numerous artistic expressions and sharing the knowledge. I find the most joy in giving and inspiring others to develop awareness towards themself and how to help others in return. Using the tools that helped me, I help to find yours.
His biggest goal was to unite with people who understood that love was the answer to all questions. His willingness to change himself in the process revealed his true strength. Approaching people as unique human beings and unravel their true nature brings the most satisfaction in his life.
Started exploring shamanism, mysticism and other practices to find the answers to her existence and purpose. After a while, she finally found her Teacher and team and started passing the knowledge to people around the world. “ There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing the changes in others after remembering their true nature. Giving is a gift itself”.
Following a spontaneous Samadhi experience in at the age of 23, Nikita started his spiritual journey , eventually leading him to World of Awakening . The understanding of spiritual knowledge and the depth of life began revealing every moment with new and new facets. Now he shares this knowledge with others who seek the same.
The desire to live forever arose in my childhood, and the realization of this fact: "Even death cannot deprive you of life! You are eternity" (Monatic), came to me after I woke up. It's very simple - life is development, and evolution, whether we want it or not, and the choice of how to do it is always in our hands. I rejoice in every moment of .... and the opportunity to share it with every person, with this most incredible creation of nature...
Elman’s spiritual seeking began when he was 35 after a climbing expedition on a 7000 meter peak in Pamir mountains. After two years of an intensive inner search he found a teacher then an awakening happened. Since then a profound shift in consciousness happened and a gradual process of becoming aware of deeper truths about himself and the world around him.