Incredibly energetic and sincere. Constantly in motion. She attracts people with her openness and cheerfulness, charges with positivity and striving for the goal. Happy wife and mother. Since the beginning of 2018, she has completely devoted herself to serving people. Can’t imagine her life without spiritual practice.

“Fate has always favored me. All the goals that I set for myself were obeyed. I realized myself in family life, business and many different projects. The search for happiness made me move towards the next victories. But every time I got what I was looking for, I found a feeling of emptiness and disappointment. No achievement in the world of things has truly delighted my soul. There was a feeling that I was born for something much more than the constant pursuit for crumbs of fleeting happiness. And thus the search for truth has begun.

In 2018, I got acquainted with the School. Here I found what my Heart had longed for many years. I gained knowledge, a teacher and a team of like-minded people who always support me on the way. I understood my purpose! This discovery fills me with happiness every day, gives me strength, the desire to live and to rediscover myself.

The more I unfold my true nature, the more happiness I feel. Every day inside of me I find the growing sense of the fundamental and boundlessness of what I really am. This truth gives rise to a great desire in me to transfer the invaluable knowledge of the School to other people. The greatest happiness for me is to make other people happy! “