Our courses & events

Following is a summary of all of the courses and events we have upcoming or recently conducted.

Introductory Events

In this 7- hour workshop we tap into our true nature and have intense inner change. The practices will help to quiet the hectic mind and bring you back to the present moment.
A weekly online meditation session aimed at introducing new seekers to our practice. Those who are interested in Awakening and moving deeper beyond Awakening, are welcome to join.
This is a 7-hour immersion designed for intense inner change. The goal of the practices is to quiet the mind, restore the natural balance of the physical and energetic bodies, and thereby prepare for awakening.
This is our on-demand recorded online course aimed at giving you a deeper understanding of the Giving School practice, how to use it in real life and how to continue your spiritual journey towards awakening.

Advanced Events

Step Towards Awakening is our Flagship online course. In this course you will dive deep into the elements of our practice, learn the theory and by the end of the course will have all the needed skills and knowledge to implement these tools in your life.
An Awakening Retreat is a space specially created for intense internal changes of a person. Learning on the course launches powerful natural processes of purification and awakening of consciousness and allows you to get a personal experience of being in the deep present moment.
Paradanta meditation is a unique technique based on the application of the energy vibration properties of consonance. In order to complete the course of Paradanta meditation, it is necessary to prepare our psycho-physics, via mastering the basic techniques taught by the School.
In just two days we will experience various exercises together that will lead us to an intense inner change. We learn to quiet the mind, focus attention and live in the present moment.