Why do I need all this?

Someday looking at your life you’ll ask yourself: “why do I need all this?” You’ll be surprised, but we’ll figure it out very quickly. We ask ourselves such questions when we are at the limit of our strength, don’t we? Our desperate attempts to achieve different aims often devastate us. One may pertinently ask: “why do I need all this?”

Our ego or our mind is result-oriented. We erroneously consider ourselves to be mortal beings, who have an end, and we are trying to be on time. To build a career, get married, have children and take care of their future. We are fighting for these aims often contrary to our real needs obeying to society laws. Very few of us think that when we have to fight and correct something, we are trying to fix God himself. By these actions, it seems like we are trying to say that God is imperfect. But even looking at snowflakes each of which is unique you will realize that life is wise and perfect. It means that it’s about us.

The Path starts with this understanding and strength on this Path is only accumulating. The real aim- the evolution of the soul- is approved from above. Through acceptance and awareness, we can find the eternal source of strength and joy. Reaching this source means finding all answers or even more, finding out that there are no questions. Do you want to know the answers?