There is wonderful news: after awakening, the evolution does not end!

The purpose of life is an expansion of our consciousness to Absolute United Consciousness.

We begin the development like consciousness with a limited feeling, narrowed to the framework of a personality of one man.

Awakening is the steady exit to the higher level of consciousness. It is the start. You reveal your nature, feel unity with the world. A mind occupies the proper place of the obedient instrument. Awakening is similar to the birth of a child. This child has yet to grow up. The process of growing up is the process of transfiguration. In other words, metamorphosis is the further release from all the conceptions. Immersion in the deeper layers of clean consciousness, when you become similar to it, similar to love and return. You are the origin.

Words end here, there is only experience and cognition itself in different forms. There is no more separation, identification or affection. Life is full of joy, love, and peace. Everything is perfect here. The worldview is the whole outside the scopes of mind, body, personality. And it is wonderful!
Transformation is switching to the commitment. Before the awakening a man is selfish, he lives only for himself, for the realization of his interests. After awakening, it feels unnatural.

Commitment is the passing of energy of light through our being. It is the transmission of this energy towards the awakening of other people.
Everything is intended to the awakening, feeling the true nature and going into transfiguration.

The depth of self-cognition is limitless. If it suddenly seems to you that everything in the world is clear – it means you stopped your development. The more you developed, the greater stream of energy of Light you can conduct through yourself to return to other people.

The Enlightenment is a mature stage of awakening, the revelation of the divine nature of a person, passing a greater stream of Light.
Complete realization of your nature is an exit from all the scopes and limits to the unified level of consciousness.

It is important to have a teacher, who is more experienced than you are, who helps to walk the Path without stopping.