The healing power of laughter

Laughter has an amazing effect on our body!

  1. Laughing is the strongest cleansing mechanism. It does not matter for our body how to relax – through cry or laugh. As soon as the mind control weakens a little, the body tends to clean up all the garbage that we collect every day. Deep blocks and emotional clumps come out when we laugh.
  2. The thinking process slows down and stops when we laugh. We can’t think and laugh at the same time. Try it! As soon as you start thinking about it, the laughter will stop. What happens when the non-constructive activity of the mind stops? We get the long-awaited relaxation and peace.
  3. While we laugh, we open up to life, and when we open up to our lives, we plunge into the sensual sphere of pleasure and happiness. Happiness is what we live and breathe for, and we have so many opportunities, even here and now at this very second.
  4. During laughter, many of our mental limiting programs go away. The opinion that laughing for no reason is bad, or that you need to hold yourself limits our naturalness. All these conventions fall deep into our subconscious during childhood and increase the wall between us and life itself. As a result, in adulthood, we don’t fully experience either the negative or positive moments in our lives.
  5. Laughter helps to treat yourself and your life with humor, and this is very useful.

So, Laugh, my friends! Laugh loudly and with all your heart!