The control

We are trying to control our lives. The illusion of control creates the illusion of safety. Our mind has a clear understanding of how it should be and how it shouldn’t. We are wasting a lot of energy trying to sail in the sea of life without a helmet. It’s ridiculous. The more tension we bring, the less joy and satisfaction we feel.

Why is that? We completely forget how to trust the life, those powers that create us, give us warmth, love and take care of us, and this power is us. We can talk a lot about the freedom of choice. But there is no freedom until we are under the strict control of our mind. By giving up the control and trusting life, we become free. It’s very important. How can we leave the attempts to control our lives and start living?

We should realize that things change quickly and we can’t change the events, people and their actions. We learn to accept life, but it doesn’t mean that we let things slide, we stay responsible. In time we realize that there is nothing to control. The world is spinning – someone dies, someone is born, dawn always changes to dusk, people wake up after the sleep. We should be responsible and live without making unnecessary tension. Everything is alright. We should rely on mighty power whose source is inside of everyone.