Taking the Path

The development of the person in this world can be compared with walking upstairs.


We start as the mind with a limited sense of selfishness, narrowed to the frameworks of the identity. The purpose of life is to extend our consciousness to an Absolute level. At the first step, the life goals are focused on tangible values, power, glory. It brings disappointment instead of the expected happiness sooner or later. This is the “deeply sleeping person” level.

Then the knowledge of the world will form the new values: traveling, the study of science, art. It’s still a fight for pleasure and comfort. When the person is fed up with it, he often faces the loss of the meaning of life. He can’t fill the emptiness, leading to depression.

From this moment, the inner search for the meaning of life awakens in him. A person is mature enough for questions: “Who am I?”, “What am I doing here?”, “What is all this created for?” etc. Generally speaking, it’s a transmission to the second step.


In the beginning, this search is chaotic. A person is looking for advice in books, ways to achieve new states and opportunities, attending seminars, turns to religion, studies various methods and techniques of personal growth. After gaining the experience, the person understands that achieving of the certain states is only a stepping stone.

The experience leads to the directed search with an understanding of the purpose. The person feels persistent desire to wake up, to get rid of all the limits and restrictions of the mind.

Taking the path assumes not so many external, but lots of internal changes. The person looks for the Teacher and follows his instructions. The stage includes common practice with like-minded people. Such community boosts the awakening, purifies and helps to move on.

At School, we aim to form a systematic understanding of the Path under the guidance of the Teacher. Each student should make the decision to go through his Path as quickly and comfortably as possible. The main goal is to complete spiritual release or exit from the “matrix of the mind’s world.” Exit from the “matrix of mind” is often called liberation, realization.


The entire universe serves for a single goal – to help a person in his realization. So none of us, in fact, has a choice. The only essential part is the time and the amount of suffering we will experience to come to this understanding. The harder we resist this process, the longer and more difficult we will decide. But we all have to find it out anyway.


When a person feels the Goal clearly and decides to move towards it directly, he begins a goal-oriented search. This is the third step. He understands and realizes the meaning of life is to exit “the matrix of the mind”. Everything around him helps to move towards spiritual realization.

This is called Taking The Path.

All the changes happen inside. From the outside, you live your normal life and perform all the duties.

Before taking the Path, a person has to understand and admit that he is in a deep sleep, just a slave of his mind. This is not so easy to accept.

A person acts intentionally on the Path. All questions and doubts go away. He desires to wake up, to achieve spiritual realization.


Moving along the Path affects inner freedom and happiness. A person is getting acquainted with the Light – the creative life force. Interacting with the Light is the beginning stage of Awakening and further transformation. After that, a person becomes more and more similar to the Light. The Source of Light ( God, The Absolute, Dao, etc.) becomes important for a person.

A movement to the exit from the “matrix of the mind” is called Home. It’s impossible to describe all the further steps of personal development. There are many traps on your way. Together with the Teacher and a community of like-minded people, it’s easy to cope with them.

Taking the Path is a come back to oneself.