Who is this course for?

  • Those who believe that they can do much more
  • Those who are interested in answering the questions “Who am I? Why am I here?”
  • Spiritual Seekers
  • Those who want to improve their awareness

Online Course


Towards Awakening

9 - 22nd of April


  • A new state of awareness
  • Feeling that you are a part of the universe
  • Being in the here and now
  • Experiencing a deep present moment
  • Perceiving reality on a new level
  • Gain control of one’s attention


Open the door to the source of joy and inner peace

Connect with a global community of spiritual seekers

Learn how to better manage your emotions

Get rid of stress and obsessive thoughts

Open your heart

Take a step towards your awakening

Meet The Course Instructors

Liepa April

Started exploring shamanism, mysticism and other practices to find the answers for her existence and purpose. After a while she finally found her Teacher and team and started passing the knowledge to people around the world. “ There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing the changes in others after remembering their true nature. Giving is a gift itself”.

Alex Satya

Started his path in 2012 with the practice of meditation and healing. Since then he combined a meditative and conscious lifestyle with professional success as a cyber security expert. Nowadays he is fully committed to spreading the joy of practice and helping others find their inner path.

Nikita Losenko

Nikita had an awakening experience that completely changed his life. On the search for answers, he started his spiritual path 3 years ago. Now, his purpose is to help others understand themselves better, get awakened and find their path to get out of all illusions.

The 4 Key Aspects of The Course

Theory & Discussions

Each session explores a different aspect of human development and shares tools that can be used in daily life.

Group Meditation Practice

We leverage the synergy of group practice to get the most out of every session with a joined meditation. New elements are gradually introduced during the course.

Physical Exercise Set

A physical exercise set for working with our attention, releasing mental programs from our body and strengthening our main energetic artery – the spine.

Individual & Pair Work

Unique individual practices and work in pairs are used to dive deeper into the present moment and have accountability and support during the course.

What Will We Learn?

First Session

Learn about the 4 pillars of awakening.

Work with our nature and cleansing processes.

Importance of inner discipline.

Implementation of practice in real life.

Second Session

Practice observation & release blockages from our body.

How to rise from the ego and mind to the unified level.

Return to the present moment.

Build trust toward life.

Third Session

The importance of a community and team on the path.

Learn to work with the mirror principle – Bridges of Love.

How to harmonize and realign our inner state to affect the outside world.

5 Hour Intensive

5 hours of practice where we dive deep into the present moment using all the practices we have learned during the course and new ones.

Laughter Therapy, Meditative Elements, Physical Exercises, Breathing Practices

In the final hour we will get to meet other members of our school for a Satsang and a light discussion.

Fourth Session

How can we increase the amount of light that passes through us?

Seeing the true depth of others without fixating on the outer forms & expressions.

Switching from consumption to bestowal, living from the heart and not the mind.

Use the ego as an instrument instead of a problem.

Last Session

Deep Practice.

Conclusions And Sharing.

Questions and Answers.

Project Party!

What to do next?

Upcoming Course Dates

Saturday and Sunday sessions are conducted in unison for participants from the Americas and Europe.

The Tuesday and Thursday sessions are conducted separately.

Each session lasts about 2.5 hours
Morning practice lasts about 30 minutes

Upcoming European Course

Berlin, Central European Time (GMT +2)

Sunday 4:30 PM – First Session

Tuesday 7:30 PM – Second Session

Thursday 7:00 AM – Morning Practice

Saturday 4:30 PM – Third Session

Sunday 3:30 PM – 5 Hour Intensive

Tuesday 7:30 PM – Fourth Session

Thursday 7:00 AM – Morning Practice

Saturday 4:30 PM – Last Session


Upcoming American Course

New York, Eastern Time (GMT -4) 

Sunday 10:30 AM – First Session

Tuesday 8:30 PM – Second Session

Thursday 8:00 AM – Morning Practice

Saturday 10:30 AM – Third Session

Sunday 9:30 AM – 5 Hour Intensive

Tuesday 8:30 PM – Fourth Session

Thursday 8:00 AM – Morning Practice

Saturday 10:30 AM – Last Session


If the course will not suit you, we will refund your money within 7 days from the start date. We are interested in ensuring that each participant receives the maximum result.​

All funds raised are used to spread the knowledge of awakening and build retreat centers to teach people from all over the world. 

What our students share

Your support on this course


Instructors will help you better understand the theory and explain how to use the practical elements correctly


Each participant is accompanied by a personal mentor who provides live support.


Each participants has the opportunity to share their insights and experiences to help each other to get a better result


✔Zoom Meetings and a webcam. Classes are held with cameras turned on so that we can see each other and interact freely.

✔ Telegram Messenger – Our course is conducted via live daily interaction via Telegram, and each participant is invited to our event group after registration.

✔ This is an intensive course! There is homework, video and audio material in addition to the sessions. It is recommended to have at least 2 hours a day to dedicate to the course each day.

✔Have comfortable clothes and a yoga mat, a chair and a notebook with a pen

✔There should be no strangers, children or pets in your room during our live sessions.

✔Please eliminate smoking and drinking alcohol 3 days before the course starts, during the course and 10 days after for the maximum result.

✔Exclude any meat or milk  3 days before the course and throughout the course

✔Eliminate entertainment and intimate relationships 3 days before the start of classes, during the course and 3 days after

✔ Do not miss or be late for class and do all the homework. You paid for it don’t let it go to waste 🙂



I would like to thank the  team of this course!!! These two weeks of the Step towards Awakening course were unforgettable!!! I came here in a state of depression, which lasted for five years with periodic improvements and deteriorations. Only children were a support in my life, only because of them I got up in the morning and I did something. At the first lesson of laughter therapy, I did not laugh, I couldn’t understand how you can laugh at all. I realized that I had not laughed for 5 years!! But, thanks to the practices of the school and hard work of instructors, I learned to laugh, meditate, hear and listen to silence. I realized that my mind patterns made me suffer, it painted the past and the future in gray and black colors, but in fact life is beautiful in the present moment right now, but I didn’t see it!! My life has changed, now I am happy to get up and do a set of Asan exercises with pleasure, I live more in the present moment, I began to notice when my mind is trying to impose another tragedy on me. My mental and physical condition became much better, I stopped eating meat, although I could not imagine my life without it before!! The instructors answered all my questions, shared their experiences and rejoiced in our success. I will go along with the school to learn more about myself, and learn to live in harmony with myself and with the world!


A breaking point in my life was when I finally opened my eyes and heart to happiness. I now feel that I am on the right path to a joyful life and can help others look for inner peace, joy and fulfillment


I want to express my greatest gratitude to the instructors! You have a very sensitive approach to each participant! You are focused on the result – to bring everyone to the goal! There is physical and psychological preparation. All with a good sense of humor, cool and interesting! You actively answer in the chat, share your experience and answer all questions – this is very valuable! I am grateful to the group that we have gathered, all very interesting people striving for an improved version of themselves, there was a very cool atmosphere! I take all the methods of working with myself further into life, I really like stillness 😀 I feel comfortable, I began to do many things more consciously, there was more understanding of life, how everything functions, about our nature of the mind! My diet has changed, I no longer want to return to some products. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone.

Harmonious development of personality and consciousness to manage your life and its quality

World of Awakening is a unique organization that has managed to extract the essence from many teachings and spiritual practices. This method is universal and clear of religious, ideological and other cultural concepts of different times and people. We have structured this method for modern people and given it the most simple practical form.