We all love getting PLEASURE from life. It is one of our basic needs. No matter what we do, we try to get pleasure from it.

Fact is that pleasure is our most NATURAL STATE where the tension from the constant activity of the mind goes away. Thought flow slows down. Our energy is directed to the enjoyment of the process, no matter what we do.

To achieve this state we usually use STIMULANTS like alcohol, drugs, sex, and extreme sports. These activities always lead to addiction, because we are not aware of any other ways to get rid of stress and fatigue.

However, nature took care of us and created some NATURAL STRESS RELIEVERS: such as crying, laughter and deep sleep.

Our body doesn’t care if we laugh or cry – it will use every opportunity to get rid of the stress that we’ve gained. We also need a healthy SLEEP (that’s why everyone suggests getting enough sleep), because only during the deep sleep our body and psyche get total relaxation. But the same effect can be achieved using MEDITATION. It’s a more healthy way that leads to a particular phase if practiced regularly. It’s a phase of peace and relaxation that doesn’t depend on any circumstances, and there’s no need for any stimulants. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Besides that, you stay awake and conscious, you become very efficient, and your mind works like a Swiss watch. You can approach this phase when you are in THE PRESENT MOMENT. This is THE AWAKENING!

The Awakening from the illusions, thoughts, and previous experience, that brought us pain and suffering which doesn’t exist at this very moment.

While practicing awareness and meditation, you will gradually gain the opportunity to get to the permanent state. At that moment you will feel FREEDOM from ego and selfishness. The freedom, that limited your mind. As a bonus, when the stress goes away, you meet PEACE and HAPPINESS. HAPPINESS of being alive.