Natalia is very experienced in many spiritual practices. Born in the family of mystics and spiritual teachers, she has been on the journey since the school years. Through various meditations, vedic and shaman practices, Ayahuasca ceremonies, astrology and psychology in search for her true-self she found the School. Here all her questions met the answers from the new experience obtained through the method of the School. And all the gained extensive life experience has come in one big picture, like a jigsaw puzzle.

’My life, although very dynamic and full of events, would ‘ve seemed to me totally boring and devoid of profound sense if not for the subtle presence of something implicit that life was trying to show me from an early age. Back then I already deeply felt that there’s much more than birth-growth-and death and was driven by the idea of uncovering the unknown. I was inspired by stories about Tibet, yogis in the caves and enlightened masters. Meanwhile there was a world of modern civilization around that was clearly going to a disaster created by our own hands. It felt like it was asking for help. But how could I, just a girl, help to make a significant difference?

I came to realize that the real change always starts within, problems are never solved at the level they have been created. At that moment the methodology came to my life as an answer to my inner request for the change. With the practical tools allowing whole humanity to speed up the movement along this evolutionary path. Now I see that only by raising awareness the perception expands and therefore the reality alters. And that comes with practice. Learning and teaching at Givin School is a life changing experience. The spiritual path is not so easy and oftentimes requires courage, yet it always feels like a dream come true. I feel blessed to have been guided to this knowledge and double blessed to be able to share it and help others on this journey towards their true self and unconditional happiness.’’