Meditation as an Aid to Depression

2020 was a difficult year for all of us.  As a result of the  quarantaine we experienced loneliness, loss of life, closure, the loss of our business due to  weak economic activity as well as a decrease in social interactions, with our friends and family. The COVID-19 pandemic globally affected our mental health, equally seen  with the elderly , the youngsters and teens among us. This economic and social impact  led towards depression, imbalance and mental struggle. Loneliness, stress and anxiety were the major symptoms for all age groups. Also healthcare workers were  highly hit with insomnia, distress and imbalance.

Statistics During the Pandemic

The Survey Opinions and lifestyle provided by the office for National Statistics revealed one in every five adults experienced some kind of depression during the Pandemic ( June 2020). This accounts for nearly 19.2 % of the population, which is almost double before the pandemic.  It also revealed that young adults were more prone to depressive symptoms, especially women were experiencing some form of depression,as compared to men.

Basic Cause of Struggle

Keeping a balanced state of mind, the inability to return to a state of equilibrium was the major area where everyone was struggling. This struggle further aggravated the issue. As the impact of the pandemic increased, it was understood that pharmacy alone could not be the only solution to release the inner tensions. An effective method was required to reduce the mental effect on the overall population mentally.

Modern medicines like, pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, anti-stress, gymnastics etc could offer many  ways to fight depression, but they cannot be regarded as the sole solution to the problem. In addition seeing them as the ultimate cure would be a major setback for emotional growth. In the same way walking outside to get some fresh air, eating healthy food to boost our immunity and going to the gym could be regarded as minor role players for our emotional wellbeing and emotional stability.

Cure is Simple.

To clarify, there is a simple and effective way to restore a harmonious inner state by the release of emotional tension:-The Power of Attention. The benefits of which have been set aside,  but in fact, if used in a proper way is one of the best techniques to restore mental disequilibrium as well as increase energy levels. With the increased oxygen levels the energy flow can be enhanced, which will indirectly help to develop our attention span. The quality of our life depends on where we direct our attention at each moment. Once we learn how to control and direct our attention our lives would positively impact not only us but also those associated with us. Effectively controlling our attention span and the areas where we can direct it could be a major adjunctive to develop our emotional equation.

 All in all it is an amazingly powerful tool for learning and transforming the world. Science claims that a person, by his expectation, influences the course of events in the surrounding reality. The question that now arises is How? The answer is known from centuries ——Meditation.

 Attention and Meditation can act as  Cure- How?

One of the major myths of meditation is that we have to do it in an immobile state. However, active awareness in an awake state is a way,  by which we can meditate with open eyes too. This is how we bring the advantages of meditation into real-life situations.  Active awareness helps dive into  deep relaxation and once we become aware of our thoughts (not controlling them, or shunning them)in this relaxed state, we can apply the technique of attention. These are the profound benefits that could be achieved with the regular practice of meditation. As a result , we stop spending our energy at the mental level in the thinking process. We guide it to rejuvenate our mental and physical health. Regular practice helps our complexities and fears to  weaken gradually and eventually dissolve. 

Science also reveals the benefits of meditation

The effectiveness and advantages of meditation are confirmed by scientific research. Research has proved that during meditation, the biorhythms of the brain change helping the left and right hemispheres to synchronize with each other. A regular meditation practise improves concentration, helps us to deal with negative circumstances, calming the mind and bringing peace into our lives. This approach of acceptance towards life impacts the way we think and react.

Joint Meditation practice and its benefits

Collective meditations have the further capacity to enhance the benefits of meditation.  It is a powerful tool to shift the energy to the desired outcome. When we practice collectively  the sensations , focus increases multiplying positive changes in the lives of those who meditate as well the entire world. The most amazing thing about collective meditations is the impact on the course of global world processes. This effect is called the “Effect of Maharishi” named by the first population of transcendental meditation.  

Lynne Mc Taggart, an expert on the science of spirituality,  In The Power Of Eight, also talks on how group intention can heal our lives and change the world for the better. The findings are based on ten years of experiments and reveal effectiveness of collective meditation.

Meditation -Companies and World View

Every year more people around the world are interested to know more about meditation. People are moving towards this technique to enhance the quality of their lives. Some of the big companies, like Google and Apple, have special rooms at work for employees where they can meditate daily. 

There are many communities around the world dedicated to teaching and practising collective meditation, including Europe. One of them is Givin School. Collective and group settings are the major areas where the school focuses.  It offers unique techniques and practical methods which allows us not only to improve our life but also to understand the realities of various levels of consciousness. Expanding our awareness and living in the here and now, rather than in the painful memories of the past and worries of the future are the direct result of this practice. Gradually we will be able to understand the true meaning of life.


In human consciousness evolution ladder meditative state for every person eventually will become natural and permanent as breathing. But while some of us are still managing our lives in demand to the urban conditions every day, meditation in the morning and evening for 20 minutes is a soothing option and will be beneficial for all. 

In this article, we only went through a few aspects of this amazing technique. We should however not forget that only regular practice can add to the personal experience, which can help us reap the benefits of this ancient practice. Developing a regular practice with a group is where the real power of meditation can be understood. The best way to explore it is to Try it—Direct Experience.