levels of consciousness

Whether we want it or not, the main law of nature is evolution. Our whole life is the subject of this law.

Let’s say a simple scheme can show the process of human growth.

The person’s development diapason is the interval from “-6” to “0”. Thereby lives the major part of our society, approximately 99%.

This stage of evolution goes through coercive and life-threatening circumstances and situations, suffering.

It takes a huge number of lives to overcome this phase in an unconscious state.

Conscious work of changing perception to the “0” point is called an awakening.

The numbers from “-6″ to ” 0 ” conditionally reflect the level of unconsciousness and selfishness of a person’s life. The further you stand from “0” to the left, the higher is the chance of suffering. This segment is called a dream, the world of shadows and illusions. The closer to “0” point we are, the less selfish a person’s lifestyle is.

Mentally, the law of life is an escape from suffering to pleasure.

Being on this stage, a person associates himself with the body and mind.

“Zero” point is the shifting point.

This threshold is often called Awakening. After that, our mind is no longer a dictator, but an instrument, like an arm or a leg. It is no longer our master, but a controllable player.

From this moment perception and interaction with the outside world go from the mind – the most primitive level of consciousness, to the heart -the highest level of consciousness.

It is the turning point from a life of selfishness, a personal desire for pleasure, to a life in service – to help others in their development.

The vision and feeling of the world around us becomes more and more real. A person realizes that he is not only body and mind but a soul. The separation from the world around us leaves, and the awareness of the unity comes.

One wise man described the Awakening in a few words he said: “There is no suffering!”

Preparation for the passing through the “0” point – is the most difficult work to be done by each person, whether he wants it or not. There is a deep stocktaking of life values and understanding that egoism does not allow us to develop further. That is what makes us suffer. Therefore, it is better to work on self-transformation consciously and together! Then any uncomfortable aspects will be minimized, and the whole process can take only a few years, even months!

Often a circle is drawn around “zero” point. Both the mind and the “heart” coexist in this area. A person can get there spontaneously from time to time, even without any training. But it is impossible to go beyond the border to the right side of “0” point without fulfillment of certain conditions. This is still an unstable zone.

Everything that happens after the transmission is impossible to describe because it goes beyond comprehension.

To achieve the “Pure consciousness” level, a person should have the purity in his body, mind, emotions, and energy. At this stage, conscious liberation from all manifestations of egoism takes place.

The following levels of consciousness are “Cosmic”, “Divine” and “Unified”. At these levels, a person interacts directly with the Light.

The light relatively speaking is the creative energy of the unified field (the Source of life, God, Creator, Atman, etc.). It is absolute love and commitment. The light creates a world around us and fills it with life.

At these levels of development, a person passes through the Light and transmits it into our material world. It removes the cause of all problems.

The more Light a person transmits, the more similar to this Light he becomes. The Transformation of a person and his organism goes in such a way.

In the unconscious life, a person is fascinated by the forms that Light creates. While evolving, a person shows his interest to the Light and then to its source progressively.

A complete exit from the illusions of the mind ( matrix) and our visible world happens on the “Unified” level. This is the way out from the cycle of rebirth, the so-called wheel of Samsara.

This transmission is called the Ascension in many religions.

The interval from “-6” to “+4” is just a simulator for our improvement. One should pass it quickly to start living. Real life – is a life, not a struggle for a comfortable existence or survival.

We should go for it! Our Home is there!