Story of awakening: Jeanne Malyavkina

My story began many years ago. In 1998, I passed the first course, “beyond stillness”. What happened to me and how my perception changed was so shocking that I was apprehensive about going any further. But since then, I’ve known every day that I had a way out. After 4 years, I took another course, and it was just as intense, but this time was solely for selfish reasons — to improve my health. The results were fantastic!

However, two and a half years ago, I hit the spiritual bottom. There was only one step left. I didn’t want to live. Despite my thousands of contacts on social media, deep down I was lonely. Then, one sunny morning in February (a day I’ll always remember), I went to work while listening to Lisa Gerrard’s “Now We Are Free” on my headphones. I looked at the sky and cried. I cried for help. After that, there was a chain of amazing events that led me to the classes of Andrey Bashun in April 2016.

Now, I know I’d get back to practice, but I have to be ready to continue. I’ll always remember the hell that I came from, where it couldn’t possibly get any darker. During these past two and a half years, I shed seas of tears, and done vast internal work – you can call it a “cleanse”. On a daily basis, I took progressive steps to break through my ego, my laziness, selfishness, cowardice, pride, etc. Yes, it was difficult. Yes, it was painful. Yes, 100 times I wanted to quit everything and call it off, but I had the help of others who were walking the same path with me. That’s why we need a team. We reflect all the good and bad qualities of each other, and it all comes out through practice. We get to know our true selves, because everything that is not true or is an illusion, vanishes, and what remains is only here and now. I walked this path. I’ve made it. I’m here now, and I wish you to have this amazing experience from the bottom of my heart.