Story of awakening: Olga Myshko

Before the practice, I lived a normal life like everyone else: home, work, sometimes extreme sports as a hobby. Something was missing, the essence, the true meaning. There were moments of joy when I felt the taste of life, but only extreme kinds of sport like skydiving, flying on a plane and snowboarding gave those vibes.

I tried to listen to religious lectures, but it didn’t work. Only overcoming of fear and trying something new colored my life. It was a kind of rat race. One day i received  a message on a social network, by chance or not. “Come to the meeting, let’s talk about life.” This is how it’s started.

The guys discussed human evolution and shared their knowledge. I came to yoga two times, visited a satsang, completed a course. There were many emotions of growing up and happiness in such a short period of time. Practice is about life, it is the knowledge of life, you don’t study it at the university. You start learning to live from scratch.

A suffering person creates all the problems by himself. It’s not an easy way it’s a huge, hard but simple job inside you. When I fully realized the desire to change, then the awakening happened. Now I’m actually living instead of thinking about life. I feel everything around me, i feel the unity with the whole world. It’s so simple and easy. The world has it all, everything is balanced, it’s neither good nor bad.

I feel like a child. I don’t play roles, don’t try to make an impression. It’s so easy to be natural. There is Harmony with everything around, people, events. You feel and see life in everything and everywhere. You can change the reality, this is just the beginning.