Is pleasure hunt inherited?

We want to give the best to our children. But let’s take a closer look: how do we raise them? What kind of life is waiting for them?

From the first years of life, we offer them consumer goods: toys, presents, and so on. At a glance, nothing terrible happened.

But PARENTS, consider this! After all, we teach our children to take pleasure as the meaning of life!
We know what this tendency leads to – we are chasing after pleasures, experiencing a terrible emptiness inside, emptiness after receiving a short-term joy.

Doesn’t the pursuit of the next pleasure begin after getting what you want immediately?

We teach our children to be a part of consumer society from the cradle.

However, we are the generation around 30 or over 25, who can still come to terms with this mechanism (receiving-emptiness-chasing-getting-emptiness and so on in a circle) and somehow smooth it. And the next generation, what will they get? Indeed, together with the pleasures children receive the same inner emptiness.

A simple example concerning the meal – our grandparents, who survived the war, starved. But why do we offer to our children all sorts of snacks? It seems like nothing: pizza at the weekends, crisps while watching the movie, allowances for ice cream. If we have a look in America, we’ll see so many children suffering from obesity and other illnesses.

The most important thing is that children load up with this food. And then they go to the social networks – what can they get there? Also, they surf the Internet endlessly and don’t know what else to do. And behind all those sites, there is still a great emptiness!

And where is the common sense?

After all, we are not pushing children towards the most important thing -the destiny of life! We forget that we should spend time and talk to our children.

For example, you can discuss the fact that children can enjoy giving and helping others more than receiving. Or how important the feeling of unity and community is. This reason unites people of all ages on the basis of interests, hobbies, needs, and joy. This is the reason why we all feel so good with friends and family, the reason why so many poems and songs were written. Ask any volunteer about the feeling of great pleasure after helping the weak.
And what about selfless work in the name of the high goal? It is unlikely that people, who were building new houses after the war, without rest felt unhappy.

We often forget about one simple thing: all nature lives in giving, all the cells of the body live for the sake of the organism. Only a human tries to take more – with his egoism to destroy himself.
We, adults, are engaged in this garbage – we try to explain that life is the pleasure hunt. And this is unnatural. And nature corrects it painfully.

So we destroy the next generation with our own hands!

It is clear, that we do that because of love (especially people who live above the average level of wealth) – but look, WHERE do we push them? Relatives, children, youth – where do we push them?
In America, they already give antidepressants in schools. They don’t help – hence the suicide. The largest percentage of suicides is in developed countries. And why?

Because all the pleasures are already available – and then the greater emptiness comes out!

And there is only one way out – the EDUCATION of adults. Adults will create the ENVIRONMENT for their children.
The need to start your own change and raise this topic among children is crucial. The next generation is going to face serious problems. The fate/rock/creator/life (as you prefer) will be tougher. There will come the souls that are fed up with pleasures. And they will not be as relaxed as we are (somewhere up to 30-40 years old, it’s still easy for us to play with our toys). It’ll be sad if the children don’t know the remedy.

This is a very important topic. Women, mothers think there are other pleasures, there is the REAL meaning in life. Maybe, it’s time to stop hiding the head in the sand and start moving in this direction?

This knowledge, the methodology and the people who changed and changed the world around them, exist. The choice is yours.

Valeria Golovneva