Awakening is an evolutionary stage of human development when you discover your true nature and become free. You realize that you are much more than just mind and body. In fact, there is no you
anymore. There’s a unified field that realizes itself in the physical world.

You see your reflection in everything and that is you.

The irony is that no matter how hard one tries that feeling of awakening cannot be described.

Experiencing it destroys all prior concepts and perception of the world changes dramatically. Awakening is absence of resistance to Life. That is just total acceptance at every moment of time like a constant state
of presence.

How does it benefit you? It gives you sense of happiness, freedom and peace. Awakening gives answers to all philosophical questions even to questions of life and death which become irrelevant, because a person understands that he always exists and he will always be. Sooner or later we all will be awakened there is just one question if it will be easy or through suffering. Awakening is the only thing that people seek throughout their life. We all come here to become awakened and to move on. Only after that a person starts to see the way itself where to go next.

What stands behind this awakening?

That is depth which gives transfiguration.