Awakened instructor of Givin School
She is young yet has a broad life experience.
Anna is purposeful and determined, at the same time light and easygoing awakened soul.
“Since childhood I have gained a very concentrated life experience. I have travelled a lot and performed with a dance group. My route was: Gorlovka-Kiev-Australia. And thanks to this, I saw that no matter what cultural, religious or social background you have, what everyone wants is happiness and love. At the same time the majority of people for some reason are stuck in different kinds of contrived external problems, not realizing that the life they see is only their perception of it. I have always been interested in psychology, self-knowledge and everything connected with self awareness. I searched for the answer of who I truly am and whether there is a single thought in my head that truly belongs to me, or it’s all been persuaded by social opinion, marketing and people around me. Since I experienced the answers to these questions at the School, my purpose and biggest inspiration is to give such opportunity to others. Ignite this thrill of moving towards the essence of life and awaken each Soul.”